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How to choose the color plate

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2018/10/23 08:44
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Color organic coated steel strip, referred to as the "color plate" or "color plate", refers to the metal substrate by color roll coating unit, coated on one or more layers of organic coatings, composite materials and curing a. Different types of color coated steel plate, different coating thickness on the color plate have a significant impact on the life. Because according to the existing coating technology and coating technology made organic coating, there are often tiny pinhole, the outside water, steam, oxygen and all kinds of ions can penetrate through the pinhole.
The substrate color steel plate for building outdoor in our country are divided into five types: low carbon steel, cold rolled steel strip, flat small zinc flower big zincflower flat steel, steel and galvanized steel zinc iron alloy. In view of the characteristics of construction, generally do not use low carbon steel cold rolled strip and galvanized steel strip for color plate of the substrate.
Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, the largest production plant of our country's color plate, also made a more detailed provisions on the substrate in the enterprise standard of color steel plate. In this standard, it is divided into five kinds of general use, mechanical bite, stamping, structure and high strength structure.