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Focus on the outer composite materials manufacturing, provide customers with furniture decorative materials made from fashionable,healthy and colorful PVC, PP and other materials

VCM steel plate is a laminated composite steel plate, with natural color, exquisite design, luxurious and elegant appearance, as well as features of corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance, easy molding, not brittle and so on. Haimai VCM steel plate is made from materials that fully meet the RoHS requirements, environmental friendly and pollution free, which have been widely used in refrigerators...

PCM color plate is a kind of color steel plate by continuous roller coating. Its surface is rich in color, and can be tailored according to customer requirements. PCM color plate not only has good molding processability, corrosion resistance and flexibility of the film, but also has a good economy. According to CCA data statistics, PCM color plate is superior to traditional dusting plate in terms of production efficiency, turnover storage...

PEM color plate is a new generation of VCM steel plate with environmental protection. Based on the concept of sustainable development and the requirement of human environment protection, Haimei  has introduced advanced foreign technology, integrated the advantages of traditional roller coating PCM and laminating VCM, combined with its own process characteristics, having successfully developed...

Precautions for storage and processing:
1. Transportation. The steel plate and the steel strip should avoid the collision during the transportation; it should be waterproof and moistureproof during the transportation; when transport the PCM/VCM steel plate and the steel strip by the open caravan, please wrap or cover it to prevent rain and snow from entering; please load and unload by appropriate ways. 2. Storage...

Excellent processability
Dustproof, antibacterial
Acid and alkali resistance
Fire resistance
Weather resistance
Environmental friendly


People-oriented, innovation, pursuit of excellence, and keeping improving


Jiangsu Himei New Material Co., Ltd. established in 2015 is a modern enterprise professional in research and development and production of furniture accessories and building materials finishes. The company covers about 300 mu (200,000 m2), with the registered capital of about RMB 60 million, having total assets of RMB 220 million, annual sales of RMB 600 million, as well as more than 400 employees. The company introduced advanced production equipment at home and abroad, using high-quality environmental friendly materials from Germany, Taiwan and other places, relying on an excellent development team and production and...








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Focus on the outer metal composite materials manufacturing, provide customers with furniture decorative materials made from fashionable,healthy and colorful PVC, PP and other materials


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